Starting Over

a dream come true"a dream come true"  available in my shops

It has been a rough couple of weeks.

I really never let anything get me down for long.

I have been through tough times many times in my life

and I always end up standing and happy no matter what.

So when my computer crashed a few weeks ago and our back up didn't work how it should,

I lost years of work and life photos and homeschool documents,

favorite textures, actions, scrapbook kits and on and on.

My hard work and money I put out for things all gone.

what kills me most is that my sons photos are gone.


So we got a new computer.

I am going to be backing up and checking on it at least once a week once I figure out how.

I am also storing on line, for now with drop box and soon with another.

I was lucky to have a few shops send me new down loads to things I purchased.


And so now I start over mostly from scratch.

As it is heart breaking for all my images to be gone and still see them on the internet

I am excited to start new and fresh.

Everything happens for a reason and so I am just going with it

and moving forward as best I can.

I feel blessed, I am blessed!

Happy Wednesday xo